About company

Real Estate Investing is our specialty – “Global Alpha” is accompanied by the investor throughout with full transparency and provides a range of complementary services to make the investment and after.

We are Alpha Global

Alpha Global is a leading company in marketing high-quality real estate projects abroad and has extensive experience in locating promising entrepreneurs and assets and adapting them to potential investors. Global real estate market there are plenty of opportunities for the Israeli investor has not yet been exposed, we connect entrepreneurs leading Israeli investor in real estate markets in the world, find for the projects with the highest profit potential and accompany him all the way investment.

how it works

At Alpha Global we have a unique process that we use with all our clients to ensure a guaranteed return on investment. Developed to work with all types of investors, we have developed a methodology that is smooth, seamless and fits around your needs.

Step 1

A consultation meeting- to assess investment needs and to locating the right investment for the client.

Step 2

Creation of personal suggestions based on your needs

Step 3

Signing the contract

Step 4

First payment of the property

Step 5

Key to apartment received receiving the key to your new apartment

Shlomi Guma


With over 12 years of experience in sales across a range of sectors, Shlomi has developed a nuanced and in-depth understanding of the entire sales process. This knowledge is solely due to his breadth of experience across the professional services. This saw him begin his career in the insurance world before transitioning into the real estate sector as a licensed Real Estate Broker selling both in Israel and internationally. Alongside his stellar C.V, he also volunteers in Paamonim, an NGO that assists families to reorganise their finances when in financial difficulty.

« "Don't waste your time looking for the best investment, invest in real estate and find the best time to sell" »
Shlomi Guma